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The Perspective on Life

I always tell myself I will only write and publish something if I feel like it’s right for me to put it out for you guys to read. No matter in which emotional need I am. Is it sadness, angriness, loneliness or happiness. And yeah, right now I gotta admit I’m happy how my current life is going on. I get sometimes punched in the face for being lazy. But that’s only a good sign cause I have reached a level and a certain age, where laziness can kill you immediately. Don’t we all love to lay down for some few seconds and postpone everything we have planned?


WHAT'S NEXT? - MY ADVENTURE OF LIFE | theninetieskid x Jonathan Ngoy

At some point in your life, you look back and think about the things you have achieved so far. Sometimes you don’t even realize that you already aiming or let’s say chasing bigger goals, cause you’re so damn focused on thinking about your next move, before celebrating what you have just created. I guess that’s a big issue for some artists. The issue of being perfect and constant. You guys already appreciate my work ethic and that motivates me to work harder.

„I don’t read blogs, but I read yours“

Hearing words like this in a world full of bloggers is just indescribable. So to all my supporters out there, I got nothing but love for Y’all.

There are no limitations in this world. Only you can hold yourself back. The dreams getting bigger some of them are unrealistic but can be still achieved.

With my blog, I wanted to create something where people can return every time and read the same damn blog post, but always find a new or different type of inspiration. I wanted to create something timeless. Something that is packed in powerful words and always ready to touch you and sometimes also slap you in the face. I wanted to share my perspective on life.

WHAT'S NEXT? - MY ADVENTURE OF LIFE | theninetieskid x Jonathan Ngoy

I‘m already living my dream. When you tell that a person, most of the time they’ll give you that “Yeah, whatever” look and characterize you as crazy. Some people understand in „living your dream“. Gettin Money. Money and some more money. It’s not always about the mulla tho.

I had a dream of blogging someday and let you be a part of my sometimes chaotic but also exciting world. Today I’m reaching more than 200 people who read my articles.

I had a dream of capturing moments and most importantly be captured on camera. It was my purpose to tell a story with just one single picture. I used to have a lack of self-confidence when this topic popped up. But I faced my fears and now I’m in love with the camera.

I had a dream of surrounding myself with people who can mentally help me reach my goals. A team full of creators, where you can share your thoughts without being marked as stupid. Well, I can say I found my surrounding. Or I prefer to call them my second family. Because we build a community, where we work, laugh and sometimes also fight. But we know we got nothing but love for each other.

I had a dream to express myself through art but back in the days, I could not describe nor did I understand the true meaning of art. But the need of doing so where haunting me. I know I’m not good at drawing and I won’t for sure be the next Picasso or Michelangelo. But art is a point of view. What I interpret can and will the next person interpret differently. I still can’t explain some kind of artworks, when I see them but they give me some kind of open-minded thoughts which I didn’t have in the past. Now I run my own Instagram-Account, where I post all my artwork and the feedback is incredible. I appreciate that. Thank you!

WHAT'S NEXT? - MY ADVENTURE OF LIFE | theninetieskid x Jonathan Ngoy

All the things I just mentioned is nothing but the truth. Money is for sure a relevant resource for us but it is not everything in life.

When we die, the money we can’t keep. But we probably spend it all cause the pain ain’t cheap – Kanye West

So what’s next?

Nothing in life gets easier you just get used to it and you have the feeling of doing more. Remember the Super Mario reference I once used in my blog post?

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Well, that’s what happens to me. I don’t only blog no more.

My mind changed. My thoughts changed. My lifestyle and surroundings changed. But most importantly my goals changed.

I’m more productive than a year ago. I try to progress each day.

WHAT'S NEXT? - MY ADVENTURE OF LIFE | theninetieskid x Jonathan Ngoy

You don’t have always time to share your time with others. That’s a big part of growing up. Make sure that you are the priority and don’t let anybody tell you that you’re ignorant for doing that!

People love to judge before knowing the true meaning of your behavior. I used to make time for people and cut out my time for others. Some of them where worth it and some of them were not. That’s why you’ll never know whats right or wrong as long you’ve lived up the situation and learned from it.

Who of ya used to compare your life with others? I did tho. Til I realized it’s foolish. We are not identical. Some of us will reach their goal fast and some will take time. But that doesn’t mean you’re worthless. We all here for a reason. So you have to find your reason of life.



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The blog post inspired by the Song Headlines from Drake

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  1. Marie Noël

    By reading your blog post, I don’t feel like you are lazy. I feel that it’s more of a procrastination.

    You have your goals set you know where you want to go with everything you do. You seem to settle in well with unplanned changes or new ideas.

    Now it’s all about getting the routine and enjoying the ride!

    Anyway, I’m glad we kinda met at Johnsons b-day party and I’m glad I stumbled on your blog. ???? Keep it up.

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