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Remember the last time you lied to just get out of a situation? Don’t we all do this all the time? It’s the easiest way to get rid of something or someone.

„I prefer the truth than a lie“

Who can relate? We all have heard this phrase more than one million times. But is this really true?

Hmm ..

Let me take you back to the past and reminisce you about the time where Christmas used to be a family thing and not a commercial thing.

Who brought us the presents? Santa Clause right? At least that’s what our parents used to tell us. The people who you love and trust the most started lying to you at a young age. It’s not surprising that some adults have trust issues tho ..

But we all know why they do that. We are all annoying as Fuck at that age. So they just come up with a worldwide lie to keep our mouth shut.

Growing up, we (hopefully) realize, that the existence of an overweight grandpa, who makes the dreams of each kid worldwide come true, was nothing but a lie. Are we mad? No, we are not. We love our parents so it’s not a big deal. It’s just a lie we gotta get over with.

Our whole life is filled with lies.

We pretend. We cover up. We bluff. Each and every day.

So let me ask you this. What if we would never lie at all? Would that make you a better person? Another question. Would the world be a better place?

Relativity rules the world. It depends on us how we handle the lie or in this case also the truth.

Your partner has been cheating on you for years with another person. But „forgot“ to tell you the part that he or she cheated on you with the same gender and you found out anyway.

How would you handle this situation? A hard question to answer I know.

But what if somebody tells you the truth and you still think it’s a lie? So why even make the effort of telling the truth right?

Well, we experience this quite frequently.

Best example: The media

Everything we see. Is it the social media we be using 24/7. Or the tv we are watching. Or the newspaper we are reading.

Fake news is the best way to get our attention.

But that’s another part. It is not only about telling others a lie for no reason. It is also about being true to yourself. You don’t need to force yourself into something you don’t want to do.

We are all living Pinocchios. We tell ourselves the biggest lies. We pretend happiness just to hide our sadness. We hide our weakness just to put our strengths top priority. Why?
Be true to yourself

Are you really happy with yourself? Are you happy with your current relationship? Are you happy with your life?

This questions can only be answered by yourself. Not your mom. Not your siblings, nor your friends can give you the right answer to that. Believe it or not, they also got their own issues to fight with so stop being egoistic.

I cheated on a girl once who didn’t deserve it. Did I tell her the truth? No, I didn’t. Did she find out? Of course, she did she’s a woman. They work for the FBI.

I know we all think we are so damn clever when we lie. But we’re not. No matter how long it takes. The truth will surface someday for sure.

I mean there are some lies we always tell, just to get away with something. Like „Sorry professor I forgot my schoolbag on the bus during a fight with Batman and an octopus, that’s the reason I don’t have my homework with me.“

I might have exaggerated with this one, but what I want to say is, we should just tell the truth before it gets worse. I know we can not tell everyone and every time the truth but we should at least try it.

We live in a world of relativity. So it’s up to you how you handle both. Of course, the truth is sometimes better but so are also the lies we tell ..



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