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What up guys, I hope everybody is having a lazy Sunday. I’ve been feeling myself lately and I don’t even know why – The main point is that it’s long-term.

I’ve promised you more outfit articles. So let’s get it on. Ready?
THE UNMATCHABLE MATCH Pt. I | Jonathan Ngoy X theninetieskid

Anyhow. My style changed a lot. It feels like I’m a different person, but I’m actually discovering a new side of myself. I often reminisce and think about what I used to wear years ago, and ask myself questions like: “Did I really like that back in the days?” It’s kinda funny, to be honest, to witness your own transformation.

Like I mentioned earlier. My fashion game changed. I’m into unmatchable colors and I can’t get enough, as you might have noticed. If not, you better start stalking my INSTAGRAM.

Many of you wouldn’t even come up with the idea to combine multiple colors. It is surely a risky thing, I hear that now and then, but it suits me so I’ll stick to my kind of style for a while.

THE UNMATCHABLE MATCH Pt. II | Jonathan Ngoy X theninetieskid


Rakim Mayers, also known as A$AP Rocky has always been my idol since the day I’ve discovered his song “Peso” from his debut mixtape Live. Love. ASAP. I had a good feeling about his career. But I would have never thought, that he would be the leading Icon in term of fashion. Not only is he a fashion icon, nope, you can also consider him as one of the best rappers alive. A top five rapper in my opinion.

He once said in an interview with GQ Magazine:

“We wear stuff that suits us and not what’s trendy, it becomes a trend. So that might be confusing for people. I would just say that everybody’s different. Everybody got different body shapes and whatnot, so I would say stick to what you know fits you best and what you feel comfortable in, even if it’s not in style. Just wear whatever makes you feel cozy.”

He couldn’t have said it better. I’m not the hypebeast type of guy and will surely never be. Finding my own style is my passion. It should also be yours. Stop chasing trends, that much.

Do you want to be recognized as a hypebeast, which by the way are already millions of people who look the same? Or do you want to be recognized as the next new thing?

It’s down to you to decide!

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