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feeling locked deep inside
I’m looking for a hacker
to decode me
I gotta create more structure
in my life
these viruses are destroying me

told myself I wouldn’t do the same shit again
but here I am
thinking about the same thing again

I know its not love
what I‘m feeling
it’s just the desire
that is teasing
trying to control it
but sometimes it takes the upper hand

I‘m am stuck between
knowing the right but choosing the wrong
it’s like the bad is attaching me
in some kinda way

I‘m a human being, right?
sometimes emotions pave the way
and I do things
I know I shouldn’t
I try to right my wrongs
so I put it out in a poem
love is the reason I‘m writing these words
this is my emotional program

PS. This poem is about the love I‘m seeking for, but it keeps getting lost by distractions. The love I get is temporary. The love I‘m seeking for goes beyond everything. What’s the difference between true love and real love?

– I believe in the life of love

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