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what is the meaning of change?
why do we like to change?

You need to change something
in order to change something
sounds stupid
but it is how it is.

I went from black to blonde
a spontaneous decision
turned out to be an image
I actually like

I started this year
without thinking about the future
I just wanted to do creative stuff
and see where it gets me

I don’t know how to feel
my life turned out to be really cool, actually
is this the change I feel?

bunch of stupid decisions
and dumb actions
but still managed to live smooth
that’s the changing part
I’ve been searching for
we hate it but we love it more
change make us look for our inner self
the person inside
the sad and angry one
the happy and excited one
the real, not the fake one

I’ve been spending my time to look for the real me
not the “cool” me
or the “I gotta do this to be accepted” me
no, the original me, I wanted to find my main reason on this earth
each day I woke up
it wasn’t always a pleasure to be grown up
that’s one part of growing up
but when are you considered as grown up?
when you put on a mask that doesn’t really fit?
Is that the adulthood we where waiting for?

We all go through this shit
we fake a laugh
just to hide the pain
we show how happy we are
but inside we are looking for an escape
at home we let it rain

So what is the meaning of change?
I can give you my answer to that
the word change has multiple meaning
you can change for good or for bad
the decision is yours
the word I like to use here is progress

Progress in meaningful aspects of your life
progress in your relationship with your family and friends
progress in your health
progress in your positive thoughts
progress in what you do in life

You’ll see how your life will change
even in a year
never underestimate the power of consistency

This year was actually the year I found myself
I just did what I love the most
I’m proud of myself
just wanted to say that
turning my life to a movie
I’m the main actor
the people around me
the bad and the good
make this movie an endless chapter

this is my last blog post
I hope next year is beautiful for you

a name you will remember forever

– thank you 2018

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