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Important Message:

This blog post means a lot to me. I had to think multiple times before posting it. Be open-minded. Don‘t feel offended. Take it more as an energy boost. This should build you up. Not pull you down.

Hypocritical. Egoistic. Selfish.

Three words that describe
A bad life habit
Wanna get help
Without a helping hand
Wanna do better
Without suffering a sec

You’re not thinking like a man
Nor like a kid
I‘m kinda mad
But I still understand

My heart is big
All I want is
To help you through this
Accept it or not
I don’t have time for this bullshit

Why should I feel bad
When I‘m doing good
Why you pulling me down
When I pull you up

I‘m done with that
I rather focus on my future
I don’t want to turn back the time
I wanna see you do good
But you still don’t understand

You judge me
You don’t know what I‘m going through
Don’t talk
If you don’t know who you hurting fool

This is the real world
Ain’t no virtual
Ice cold
Just a glitter of beautiful

Don’t waste your time
Stand up, fight
Start your grind
You’re a human being tho
You got more in you
Please don’t hide

Look in the mirror
What do you see?
Your best friend?
Or your worst enemy?

Ask yourself
Why you ain’t seen any hero?
Your mind playing games
That’s why you ain’t seen any clearer

One Comment

  1. I think, that’s the reality and I’m convinced. We don’t need to be distracted from everyone, we need to find Ourselfs.

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