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Growing up, writing or expressing myself was a real struggle. At a young age, there were some days I just felt like writing down something, to satisfy my emotional needs. I have written down a lot of lines but threw them right away after emptying my head. The intention of sharing my thoughts on the world wide web and with the people all around the world have always been there. But the feeling of getting embarrassed was too damn high. I felt scared and thought people would laugh at me, because who would listen to somebody nobody knows? And let’s be honest here, writing wasn’t really considered as “cool” back in the days. So my point of view towards bloggers or so-called writers were rather negative than positive.

But since the day I decided to not give an F what people think about me, came contemporary the urge to share my thoughts with the world. I knew I had something that many of us got but barely uses. The power of expression. And I didn’t want to use it for nonsense.

So my conscious told me something that changed my whole mindset: “You can either go with the flow and die as an ordinary citizen. Or go against the flow and lift yourself off from others by using the talent god have given you”. It won’t make you immortal, but because of your uniqueness, no one can throw you in a pot with others. Should not that be the meaning of life?

Why being different is put as bad? Why all the unnecessary hate, that leads us to nothing anyway?

There were a lot of reasons for me writing this text down. But one particular reason made me really sit down in front of my desk, open up my MacBook and put my thoughts into words.

Keep reading and you’ll know what I’m talking about

So whenever I get the chance to rest my brain I choose watching TV, as the preferred activity. Every time I exercise this activity, there is only one word crossing up my mind. „BULLSHIT“. Way too much BS. Not only on TV but you can also see this kind of nonsense on the internet. Especially on the internet. Sh*t that makes you go crazy …

Well, let me start over and familiarize you my angriness behavior above.

Everywhere you hear that other sexes and races are still despised and killed. Religions are still fighting each other. Why? They breathe the same air. Inside them, flows red blood as well. They all have a heart. Not to forget, „these people“, as some would call them, got a functional brain like you and me. Why do some take the right to isolate them? Just because they are different?

You have recognized it didn’t you? This ain’t just a blog post towards Afro-African-discrimination, no, but discrimination in general.

We are so damn focused on our own lives, which is not bad at all don’t get me wrong. But we forget what happens around us. We rather fight than stand together. We rather ignore than help each other.

Too many things have happened this year. We have lost too many people through bad tragic. People were killed for no reason. Some children didn’t even get the opportunity to grow up right before leaving this tragic world tho. The world sometimes reminds me of an unreleased GTA video game where you literally can do anything you want and get easily away with it.


It feels like some are trying to reintroduce the mindset of the middle age into our time. I can’t say there is more hate than it was back in the days, cause you can not really measure or compare hatred in years like statistics. But I just feel like our hate against other human species is the worst right now. Do we really live in the 21st century?” – the question I often ask myself. Why you still have time for hate, towards others?

Hmm .. I guess we can blame it on one invention. The internet.

Since the great invention of the social network, some people mistake freedom of expression with discriminate expressions.

„Why be Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, or Transphobic when you could just be Quiet“

I love the internet and the opportunity it gives us. You can either use it for good, like Netflix and chill or Facebook and trouble. The first one is truly popular this day, but people tend to use the internet to annoy others.

It’s totally normal to hate an entire race, a religion or the opposite sex after having one bad experience right? – Well, it’s a daily basis on the internet, so it gotta be normal I guess. „I hate the stairs because I fell down once“. You see how stupid that sounds? Will you start avoiding the stairs your whole life? Don’t think so.

So why you try so hard to avoid other humans? What makes you better than them? If it’s that important for you to discriminate others, you’ve missed the true meaning of life. You’re more focused destroying someone’s life than enjoying yours. You’re following a flow that has no sign of uniqueness.


Change your mindset towards other religions. Change your way of thinking about other races. Change your mindset towards other cultures. Change your mindset towards politics. Change your mindset towards the opposite sex. Change your mindset towards sexuality.

Change yourself for the better.





  1. Christian Villegas

    I have no idea how this came up on my phone, but it did. I loved it bro, the whole thing. You and I are in the same page on this. The human population is failing, we as a society are failing. That’s what they want us to do, want to divide us all. Don’t you see, how effective we all are together? Immensely changing anything and everything once we all come together. The people at the top. Way top, controlling, watching, observing, everything we do. But their main priority? Keep us all separate. They know what we can do. They hide it from us, then keep us distracted with all these, phones, cars, clothes, etc. Etc… hopefully this reaches you and you get to read. Glad I read it. Trust me I know how you feel bro. If there is any way you can contact me, please do. Would like to talk to someone else that has the same mindset.

    • Jonathan Ngoy

      You got it right! Appreciate the love. I will never understand why we divide us for nonesense! Yeah of course send me your Email and I‘ll contact you!

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