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Pain. You know what pain is? Can you explain how pain feels? How painful is pain?

Can you fight without pain? Can you live without pain? Can you love without pain? Can you succeed without pain?

“You come without request
won’t leave without a scar
I want you out of my life
I’m taking this pills to reduce
and produce a fiction
I know you won’t leave
I’m just getting used to it
I don’t want you but you’re my addiction
Or maybe I‘m just too naive to think you would stay for eve“

I wrote this blog post not long ago it just bothered me a lot. I was in my thoughts. In my world.

Everything that’s happening right now. How people been acting. Changed my way of thinking and opened my eyes. We all go through pain. My pain is not bigger than yours.

But we don’t take care of the person next to us. We hate until they gone. We love when it’s too late. And then we try to right our wrongs. Cause we realize they been gone through pain.


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