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You became my
escape to everything
you are always
there for me
no matter how I feel

– passion for writing

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD PT. I | theninetieskid x Jonathan Ngoy

Is it just me
or does fakeness really rule the world?

If you are what you say you are,
then why are you still living the ordinary life?

If you feel offended it’s your fault
cause this ain’t a subliminal diss
just straight facts

It feels like humans are getting crazier
So my writing getting angrier

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD PT. II | theninetieskid x Jonathan NgoyThe internet is the perfect platform to fake a life.
It’s like a bad reality show.
I like to call it „The Biggest Lie“.
Everybody can be anything without effort.

Can’t you be true to yourself?
What is wrong with some people?
Are you running from reality?
Are you really that afraid to accept how God created you?

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD PT. III | theninetieskid x Jonathan Ngoy

I laugh out loud even when the joke isn’t funny
I dance even when the music isn’t running
I‘m crazy but that’s how God made me
I‘m lazy and yeah that’s fucking me up lately

Do you get what I wanna say
Cut that „I gotta be perfect“ bullshit off
and just be a human being, for once!

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD PT. IV | theninetieskid x Jonathan Ngoy

I mean, If you look at my lifestyle now you might think:

”He’s living his life.”

It’s kinda cool and yeah I enjoy it!

But let’s make it clear. All that glitters isn’t gold. So don’t let the stories or picture on Instagram take control

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD PT. V | theninetieskid x Jonathan Ngoy

I show you the struggles that come within
I‘m all about the truth
Pretending is the new disease over here
And I‘m here to cure you
I‘m here to open some peoples eyes

Fake it til you make it is the new motto
Cause I see a lot of Pinocchios
running around
and I‘m literally sick of it

They will post about happiness
when they’re sad
They will brag about numbers
with no impact

Did you try to change someone’s life?
Or do you just post to get them likes?

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD PT. VI | theninetieskid x Jonathan Ngoy

I don’t talk much
but I know more than you think
Don’t fool others
Don’t fool yourself!


How can you change something
when you don’t give a fuck
about the person next to you?

But be the first one to complain,
when people don’t give a fuck what you do



I’m living in the same world as you do
that’s the reason I’m mad

Kindness is mistaken with weakness 
Arrogance is tolerated
but won’t find you, real friends

No matter what,
you have to prove yourself,
even if you don’t need and want to
Just to get their attention for what?

To admit that I’m also cool?
Nah thanks!
I’m good.

Pointing at others is easier
than judging your own life.
Who are you to put even my name
in your mouth?

Do you pay my bills?
Do you even know me?

The Answer is NO

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD PT. VII | theninetieskid x Jonathan Ngoy

So Fuck you and your judgment. Sorry, not sorry, but this year opened my eyes. People tryna pull you down no matter what and crack a smile, to show their job is done.

I’m gonna prove them wrong. Basically, I already did. But they still looking for me. My life must be interesting. I think I‘m doing everything right.

Sit down. Be humble. And listen.

I‘m here to make a name for myself and I‘ll let nobody crossing up my path. Not at this level.


This is a letter you‘ll never forget

pictures by Martin Schiefer from Suave

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