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What up people!

My name is Jonathan Ngoy on the internet I likely love to use the pseudonym theninetieskid cause that’s the decade I was born obviously.

If you’re reading this I’m actually struggling writing interesting stuff about myself. I think writing an “about me” is the hardest thing you can do ain’t it?

Jonathan Ngoy x thenintieskid | ABOUT MEYou know what I’ll give it a try …

Welcome to my world! I’ve already introduced myself above now comes the part where you ask yourself why should I visit your website!

Well, I don’t have the right answer for that I just know that I am a creative human being who loves to write down his thoughts and share it with you guys.

My biggest inspirations are A$AP Rocky, Kanye West, and Jaden “Icon” Smith.

I’ve basically created this blog to express my thoughts and feelings.

Show the world my point of view.


I wanted to create my own story the story of

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