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Sometimes I feel like a rapper…

I guess we all know why you’re here right? You were expecting a track packed with a music video and the most insane lyrics on earth didn’t you? Well, I’m sorry tho I have to disappoint Y’all. I am definitely not a RAPPER. It’s kinda funny, because I don’t really make an effort of releasing music, but you guys still consider me as a rapper. Compliment of the year, thank you!

Well, it may seem confusing for some people out there but I am a creative human being, whose desire is to blog. I am a BLOGGER. I know what I am good at and I’ll stick to that for some couple of decades. I don’t force myself to something I can’t do. But to be honest I tried to rap a few times in my life, but I realized that I literally suck at it. That’s not me and will never be me. But what if I would be a rapper? Would that change anything in your perspective?

I’ve been thinking about the question „What if ..?“ A lot lately. I am sure I’m not the only one out there. So I had one particular question for you.


WHAT IF ..  you had the ability to control time? Imagine controlling your timeline. Everything you always wanted. Every wrong decision. Every mistake. Every failure can be fixed right away.

We all know exactly how horrible heartbreaks and lovesickness feel like. Would you go back in time and avoid them? What about your first time? That’s definitely a thing some of us needs and surely wants to change, I guess.

Sometimes I just want to turn back the time and do the right thing. But maybe the choice you’ve made that day was the right choice but feels wrong today. So there is no real guarantee of making the right decisions.

I admit that skipping through your own timeline does sound pretty cool tho. You could take a look to the future and see if you‘ll turn to a bum or a successful human being? But would you take that opportunity or have faith in your destiny? Cause time can change everything. 

But what does time mean to us or more important to you?

Those thoughts cross rarely, if ever, our minds.

Would you try to change your life or keep on living the same journey? The world is nothing but a disaster right now, would you try to change the current mess by using your abilities or just focus on yourself? I know it sounds a lil bit corny, but I’m sure some people out there had thought about having that kind of abilities at least once.

The question here is how would you use this power? For good or bad? For you or others?

Time is the most sensitive and valuable resource. We know how important it is to us but we still manage to waste it in some kind of way. Sometimes we waste it for good but sometimes for non-sense. In fact, time is more valuable than money. You can not use the money to buy time. But you can use the time to make money. 

Time changed me. So let me ask you.

What if you had control of time? Would you spend your time right?

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