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22.10.18 – umastered thoughts

They laugh at you
When you live your life

Why they disturbing me?
What do they want from me?

I was born
To plant
Money trees

Not where I want to be
But I’m trusting
The inner me

I never talk much
My process
is carrying me

Don’t wanna prove anything
Not by any means

Not here to make any friends
I’m all about the biz

Not in my feelings
All I want to see is greens

I got here on my own
My family
My bros
Are also a part of this road

My Failures
Never let my mind go blind

My Choices
Gave me some lessons
I won’t decline

I’m in love with me
I hope you follow me
Get rid of this
No, No feels

Trust me
You more than you think

– theninetieskid

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