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03.09.17 – unmastered thoughts II


I started to write a book about you

just to get you off my head

when I write down my thoughts

they are gone forever

but you had other plans

your name was stuck in my brain

I had to get over you

but couldn’t

I should hate you

but the mission was impossible

I texted you

thought we would work it out somehow

I don’t always make the right decisions 

seemed you had a lot of fun

playing with my heart

I still don’t know why?

I guess you had your rights

we were young and had dreams

was just a matter of time

you didn’t want to be alone 

embraced me with your arms wide open

told me about your dreams

showed me your favorite movies

cried in your saddest moments

I was there for you

like no other dude

then you threw me away

like I was some trash in your room

wasn’t the guy of your dreams

you were something special 

when you said you loved me

I felt that

when you asked me to hug you

I did that

mama told me

always treat a girl right

I tried it but it went wrong

look now

my first love

is gone

– tough break up

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